Sunday, July 26, 2009

San Diego Artshow

This show is not to be missed...if you're in the area don't get caught sleeping...start camping out in front of Voz Alta NOW!!!!!!! I'll post photos of the show later for those who were napping!!!
And when you wake up check out

Mural for LOFTWALL in Dallas

Here's a commissioned piece i just finished in Dallas for a new furniture/design company

Pieced Together at Crewest in Los Angeles

...and if you're not tired of looking at this new piece of mine yet check this out...

Fort Worth is Famous for its Southern Hospitality

Pieced Together Texas Graffiti Art Tour 09

Heres a couple flicks of a sculpture that was in the Dallas showing of the tour...there was alot more work than this by far, for more info and photos of the tour check out