Sunday, December 18, 2011

Kirk Hopper Fine Art

Here's a recent piece I did for the Kirk Hopper Fine Art gallery in their courtyard, which is more known for displaying large sculpture works. It definantly put my work in front of a crowd who has never scene graffiti like this and who most probably dislike graffiti. Hoping to change the minds of big time art collectors that graffiti can be tasteful!!!

More Commission Work

Custom paintings make great christmas gifts!!However its an aquired taste so I've heard!!

DJ Jason Abbott

For a very good friend and very talented dj!!

Studio 5001

Commission piece for recording Studio 5001!!Helps the artists stay creative!!


Very quick commission piece for Scion and the Texas Motor Speedway!!

Queen City Redone

Couple brothers in town for some painting fun!!Thanks again to Queen City and Fresh Paint for helping this one along!!

Revisiting Some Old Work

Once again with the not so good photos, here's a couple pieces done a few years back that I came across again recently!!!!

Balcones Photos

Very fun event and any reason to hook up with the homies and paint is a good reason...